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Motorhome Servicing & MOT for All Makes and Models


We provide reliable and high-quality motorhome servicing for our customers across the north of England, and our AWS Workshop is fully equipped with everything needed to keep your motorhome in great condition.

We maintain the highest quality standards as well as a dedicated team of highly experienced and fully qualified motorhome technicians, so you can head out on the open road with full confidence knowing that your motorhome won’t let you down.

We have certified technicians for the biggest motorhome manufacturers including Autohaus, RollerTeam and Auto-Trail. We carry out a wide range of services on motorhomes from small gas tests to large body repairs and oil and filter changes. So contact us to arrange high-quality motorhome servicing today.

Motorhome Servicing & MOT

Motorhome Habitation Service

Our motorhome habitation service check is a great way to keep your motorhome in top condition. We recommend doing this once a year alongside mechanical motorhome servicing so that you know your motorhome is in the best condition possible to take on the road.

The motorhome habitation service will not only check whether your motorhome is safe but will also help you to maintain the value of your motorhome. We will carry out some of the most detailed checks you can get in the industry, and we work very closely with the top manufacturers to ensure the best performance and to help you retain the value of your motorhome.

Our checks will highlight any performance issues and safety problems so you can get them fixed. We cover fire safety, gas systems, water systems, bodywork, doors, blinds, a damp check, and more.

We recommend arranging your habitation check near the start of the year, so your motorhome is in great shape for your summer road trips.

Motorhome Servicing & MOT

Motorhome MOT

It’s essential to arrange your motorhome MOT once a year if your motorhome is three years old or more. If you don’t sort out your MOT, your road tax and insurance can become invalidated. But you should also book an MOT for your own peace of mind so that you know that your motorhome is roadworthy.

We have been providing motorhome MOTs for our customers for many years, and we will ensure your motorhome is in great condition. We cover all the safety checks required, and we will categorise the parts that need improving.

We provide Class 4 classifications for motorhomes up to 3.5 tonnes in size and Class 7 for those models that are over 3.5 tonnes. These are similar, but more detailed tests are involved for the larger motorhomes.

We have all the latest facilities in our workshop to ensure we can carry out your MOT, including four post ramps and a floor-mounted rolling road. We will go over everything from your brake lights to your wheels, tyre tread and more.

Motorhome Servicing & MOT

Motorhome Accessory Fitting

Whatever accessories you want for your motorhome, we will be happy to help you so you can personalise your motorhome and enjoy complete comfort on the road.

We fit a huge range of accessories depending on your needs. From alarm systems to air conditioning, WiFi, aerials, fridges, heating, awnings and more, we will be happy to equip your motorhome with anything you want, and we can fit any products without affecting manufacturer warranties.

Motorhome Servicing & MOT

AWS Workshop (NCC Aproved)

Our state-of-the-art workshop is in the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS), which is run by the National Caravan Council (NCC), the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club

This means our workshop must meet very strict criteria. Independent assessors also carry out an annual inspection, and we have to display our pricing clearly. If any additional repair work is required over £150, we must provide an estimate along with other requirements.

You can trust our workshop because you know it meets the incredibly high standards required by the scheme for your complete peace of mind.

Motorhome Servicing & MOT

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