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We provide a wide range of motorhome accessories, all of which can be expertly fitted by our skilled team.


Accessories can be fitted to your motorhome or campervan, or added to any you purchase from us, whether that is a new or used vehicle.


We also have the ability to advise and suggest the best products for your needs.


 As motorhome enthusiasts ourselves, we have the experience of suggesting accessories that are going to be of true value as you set off on your camping and motorhoming adventures.


Our ability to get it right for customers is shown through our reviews, we average 4.8 out of 5 from hundreds of independent, verified reviews on the Reviews.io, AutoTrader and Google Review sites.


Please feel free to contact us to request our latest brochure of motorhome accessories.


 We would also love to see you at our Bury showroom to discuss your requirements in an obligation-free conversation. 


We can then show you examples of accessories, including in use in our stock of new and used motorhomes. 


There is nothing like seeing and trying an accessory to check it is the one for you.


We know that a few well-chosen accessories can truly elevate any motorhome, even examples that may be starting to feel a little tired.


You may be after the best wifi solution, with reliable 5G connectivity wherever you go, or state of the art TV and audio equipment for when you are relaxing in the evening after a day’s adventure.


Motorhome Accessory Starter Pack 


Those new to motorhoming love our starter pack. 


This features items such as levelling chocks, a water hose, mains adaptor and gas tail at a price greatly reduced compared to when bought individually from any supplier. 


Motorhome Safety Accessories 


It might also be that a conversation helps you think of other items missing from your vehicle.


 For instance safety measures such as CO2 and smoke alarms - low-cost life savers we are only too happy to provide and install.


State of the art awnings create extra space, some adding more than 4.5 metres of covered outside space to enjoy - perhaps with a glass of wine and a good book to hand. 


Alternatively, for when you are feeling that bit more active, the bike racks, bike covers and all-important bike lock might be useful additions. 

Motorhome Roof Accessories 


Rooftop accessories utilise the space above you. Options here include solar panels - these of such high quality that many are guaranteed to still be producing 80% of their original capacity 20 years after purchase. 


At the time of writing, a professionally fitted solar panel can cost from under £500. 


You may want us to fit a satellite TV system onto the roof at the same time. Why not enjoy TV and radio coverage from across Europe?


There are many other accessories too.


State of the art satellite navigation systems, and full colour reversing cameras, Thatcham category 1 alarm systems, outside showers, tailored blind systems and mirror protectors and door security. 


As a family-run business that has been serving the north west for more than 50 years, we can chat to you through ideas we think may be of value. 


What type of trips are you planning, what little luxuries would you welcome? 


What are those little things that might have made previous trips better still? 


Maybe a mountain bike rack for some off-road cycling.


For some, it might be that ability to sit under a quality awning or canopy, for others it might be having reliable wi-fi so they can watch the sport wherever they are in the world.


Or, of course, it might be a combination - watching a good film, under the awning, whilst sipping a cool drink that has been kept in the brand new fridge (perhaps with an ice cube or two thrown in).


We can help with spares and accessories that improve luggage storage in motorhomes - rvs -, and improve the interior, like window blinds, lights,  carpets, tables, ladders and toilets.


There may be electrical appliances or extra sleeping bags or airbeds. 


We are much more than just a supplier of accessories, pick our brains and make the enhancements that really do matter to you - and then relax knowing they have been fitted to the highest of standards.


Your motorhome, however old, can be made safer, more energy efficient and more luxurious too - and often for significantly less expense than you might imagine.


Get in touch today about your accessory needs

Motorhome Accessory Fitting

As well as servicing and repairs we also fit a wide range of accessories in our workshops. Our technicians can fit products without disrupting manufacturer warranties. We also aim to fit all extras whatever they may be from bike racks through to solar panels, to a factory fit standard. TMC Leisure’s Motorhome Service Centre can deal with whatever you need from motorhome servicing and repairs to finding parts and fitting accessories. We keep you updated on progress; we communicate clearly and helpfully and take away any worries you may have regarding your motorhome being fit for purpose.

Accessories & Customisation

Please feel free to contact one of our team ...

to discuss your requirements or request a quote, a friendly and professional approach awaits you.

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