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AWS Approved Motorhome Habitation Service

At TMC Leisure, we can provide you with a complete motorhome habitation service for your motorhome to ensure it stays in good condition and preserves its warranty for your complete peace of mind. Here we explain what’s involved in this service.

Motorhome Habitation Service

What Is A Habitation Service?

The motorhome habitation service is an annual check that is important for any motorhome owner to arrange, especially if you want to preserve the warranty of your motorhome. Not only can you preserve the warranty with the service, but you will also make sure your motorhome is in good condition and roadworthy to give you peace of mind on your next trip.

The annual habitation service is important to ensure that your motorhome is in good overall condition. You can arrange your habitation service whenever you want during the year, so it’s a good idea to consider when you are most active in your motorhome (e.g. during the summer) and arrange your habitation service beforehand (e.g. in the winter or spring).

This service aims to highlight any problems related to safety and performance and get them fixed to give you complete peace of mind that your motorhome is in top condition for the adventures that await.

A basic service will not include some checks, like detailed servicing for certain appliances and checks on the air conditioning, but it usually covers about 50 checks and takes 4 hours to complete.

Motorhome Habitation Service

Why Get A Habitation Service?

It’s important to get a motorhome habitation service carried out once a year to maintain the validity of the warranty, which is especially important for new motorhomes.

Getting a habitation service carried out each year can also help to retain the value of your motorhome.

When someone buys your motorhome, they want to see that you have been getting it serviced regularly.

Regular Motorhome Habitation Checks 

If there are breaks in the service history, this may put off the buyer, while a history of regular checks can put their mind at ease.

It’s also important for your own peace of mind. You want to know that your motorhome is in good condition when you go out on your adventures so you are unlikely to experience problems on the road, and the habitation service can help to do this.

motorhome habitation service

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Main Areas Covered In Our Habitation Checks

There are a few main areas covered in the habitation service, including some larger tasks and some smaller checks. The larger checks cover electrical safety, a water system inspection and damp checks, while smaller checks include looking at the door seals and the windows.

Fire Safety Check
Fire safety must be taken very seriously in motorhomes, and during the habitation service we will check the smoke alarm and CO detector to make sure they are in good working order and don’t need replacing. If you have a fire extinguisher, we will also check this along with the fire blanket.

Gas System Check
We will check the gas systems during the motorhome habitation service. Gas poses a hazard in motorhomes, so it’s important to make sure that all the gas appliances are in good condition for your safety.

We will check for gas leaks, and we will also check all the gas appliances, including the oven and the heating system. Gas vents must also be clear.

Water System Check
Water systems are another important area to be checked. The taps will be checked to make sure they are working properly without any leaks, and we will also check for blockages in the wastewater outlet. We will also look at the toilet and check that the flush is working properly.

Electrical System Check
One of the main areas that we will look at in the habitation service is the electrical systems. This includes lots of checks covering a wide range of electrics, and it covers all the lights, both internal and external, where we will look for faults.

We will also carry out a residual current device (RCD) check, and we will look at the miniature circuit breakers and sockets to make sure they are in good condition. We will also look at the appliances including the fridge and anything else that requires electricity in the motorhome, to ensure it is safe and in good working condition.

Bodywork Check
We will check over the whole bodywork, looking at the doors and windows as well as the blinds to make sure they are working properly. We will carry out a visual inspection of all the bodywork including the roof.

A damp check will also be carried out inside to make sure there are no damp problems. Depending on the result of the damp check, extra work may be required.


Book A Motorhome Habitation Service Today

Make sure you look after your motorhome and enjoy peace of mind on all your adventures by getting a regular habitation service. It’s important to keep your motorhome in great condition and to ensure the warranty remains valid.

Contact our team today to arrange your habitation service to make sure your motorhome is in great condition, then go off and enjoy your road trips with complete peace of mind.

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