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How Can I Save Money On My Car?
There’s no getting around the fact that cars are expensive – even “cheap” cars can cause a considerable drain on your resources. The issue is that using public transport might not be appropriate for your circumstances, or with the amount you travel may not work out being any cheaper. As…
Tuesday 24th November 2020
What Are The UK Car Tax Bands?
If you’re going to drive your car on the road you need to think about car tax. It’s officially called VED (Vehicle Excise Duty), but you will most likely have heard it referred to as car tax or road tax. Car tax is split up into categories, or “bands” depending…
Tuesday 24th November 2020
Which Cars are Stolen the Most in the UK?
Thievery in the ‘good old days’ There was a time when the car most likely to be stolen was probably a Ford Escort or Cortina. Joyriders were the most prevalent culprits and your motor was likely to be found burned out in some remote layby, married to a lamp-post or…
Thursday 29th October 2020
Which Engine Size is Best?
If you’ve ever tried to buy a car, new or used, you’ll know that finding the perfect engine size for you can be difficult. It’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both larger and smaller engines, to help you make up your mind which is best for you.…
Wednesday 28th October 2020
Should I Buy a Car Warranty?
Many car dealerships and manufacturers offer warranties on their cars to protect you if something goes wrong, but did you know that you can also but separate warranties that will extend the cover you receive as standard? These warranties can protect various aspects of your car and can help you…
Monday 28th September 2020