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Motorhomes For Sale Lancashire

A superb selection of new and used motorhomes, decades of experience and a five-star reputation from hundreds of verified reviews - TMC - Tottington Motor Company - is the leading choice for motorhomes for sale in Lancashire.


We are proud to be known as the UK’s best provider of motorhomes for sale, but for Lancashire residents we have the added advantage of being local! Based in Bury, we are easily accessible via the local motorways and also public transport.


And your trip will not be wasted as we have motorhomes for all budgets and also every potential type of owner. You may want a small and cosy two berth, or the largest six berth going (or something in between). You might want the very latest brand new vehicle or be after a used bargain. Or you may just want to browse as you get a sense of whether motorhoming is for you.


Please pay us a visit, we offer a stress and hassle-free environment with no hard sell.


As shown by our 4.9 average rating out of 5 on the reviews.co.uk, from close to 200 reviews by verified customers from Greater Manchester and beyond, we pride ourselves on getting it right. This is why people travel from across the country to buy from us, knowing that the level of service is unmatched and so too the after-sales care. 


Searches on other review sites will show similarly stunning reviews - as will word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow campervan owners in Lancashire and elsewhere.


New and Used Motorhomes


In stock, there will always be a large number of both new and used motorhomes. The precise nature will of course vary, but rest assured there will be everything from the most compact two berth to the most spacious six berth.


There will be motorhomes perfect for heading off on a ski holiday down to Italy, others for a couple who want to focus on surfing down in Devon. Some are great all rounders, others are designed to be suitable for harsher climates.


Lifestyle also plays a part, there are those for whom it is a base as they cycle, hike and get out into nature, others want to enjoy the cities of the UK from an affordable base.


You don’t need to know that a certain model might be the most suitable, you don’t need to come to us having researched the entire range of models. Instead, we can have a friendly conversation and we can find options that match your needs.


If you are after a used motorhome we can also keep an eye out for the perfect vehicle if it isn’t currently in stock. Have a very precise type of vehicle and budget in mind - we’ll make a note and contact you when the perfect vehicle rolls in.


Specialist dealers in Rollerteam, Autotrail and Autohaus motorhomes, we have 2, 4 and six-berth motorhomes and also a range of top-quality used vehicles. All will be thoroughly serviced and checked and good for tens of thousands more miles. 


For more than 50 years, we have served the northwest, Lancashire and beyond, our range of motorhomes and campervans leading to repeat business and customers via word-of-mouth recommendation.


Browse Online


You can browse categories and see any campervan and motorhome by price range on this site, whether they are new or second hand, the number of berths and also see full details of specifications and dimensions.


Prices vary, but we have numerous second-hand campervans, these still wonderful vehicles that are good for many years of adventure. It is also worth noting that motorhomes hold their value well and so if you then look to update in future years, your existing motorhome will be a wonderful asset.


We undertake thorough services and checks on every used campervan. Many of our second-hand motorhomes are near new and have been used as part of our rental fleet. This means they have been thoroughly maintained and checked after every hire.


Leading Campervan provider in the Lancashire


All motorhomes listed have a high level of finish, beautifully equipped interior and a range of modern conveniences.


Features you will see time and again in the listings are perks such as air conditioning, double glazing, HD televisions, Apple Play, memory foam mattresses, luxurious upholstery and reversing cameras. We do not sell run down, worn out old models, these are high-quality motorhomes whether new or used. 


The models we stock are proven for reliability and value for money - they are the models we choose for our fleet or motorhomes for hire. We recommend to customers the same campervan we would buy ourselves.


We can also buy your existing motorhome and as part of a part exchange work this into a fair offer. It is worth noting that we consider motorhomes that are in great order, under 10 years old and are under 80,000 miles. Speak to us if part exchange is a consideration.


Finance is available and please contact us to find details of any current promotions.


New Campervan for Couples and Families Alike


Stock is changing regularly as new models come out and, of course, the used motorhomes we have are ever changing. They don’t tend to hang around too long to be honest!


We want to give examples of different types of motorhomes available - but please note, these are options at the time of writing and models may have been updated by the time you read this. The current vehicles will all be listed on site.


A great example of a motorhome we have in stock - and ready to view - is the Auto-Roller 747 is suitable for a group or family of up to six (and maybe a pet or two as well).

In common with other makes and models, this makes superb use of space, one feature is a spacious drop-down double bed that comes over the dining area, further bedding in the seating area.


The U-shaped lounge common in modern motorhomes is on-show here, this great for both relaxing and socialising - and the modern speaker units and hands-free entertainment system only augment this.


In contrast, in terms of size, is the two-berth Autotrail Expedition 66 - this cosy campervan is the perfect base for couple to set off on adventures and romantic expeditions alike. It is compact, yet spacious enough to allow you to pack in sporting equipment - and to ensure you stay warm there are features such as the Whale Heart airspace and expanse water heating system.


On this website, there are full, up-to-date details for every campervan - new and used. Please do take the time to browse and contact us with any queries.


Our reviews are unmatched


 It is easy to speak of being the leading provider of campervans for sale in Lancashire and the north west, but what do reviews of TMC state in relation to motorhome sales?


They are universally positive, on the independent Reviews.co.uk site we average 4.9/5 from close to 200 reviews from those who bought a motorhome from us. Similar scores are seen across all review sites. On the review.co.uk site 98% of those surveyed say they would recommend us without hesitation – this from verified motorhome customers.


Please check out our reviews and see for yourself what other customers from all over the UK say of our levels of service.

Next Steps for Purchasing a Motorhome

Please browse the site to gain further information, see a range of common FAQs and get a feel for the new and used motorhomes we have available


However, a website, ads and searches can only do so much, so we recommend contacting us for an obligation-free conversation, or arranging to come and see some of our current stock. If you have a budget and type of motorhome in hand, let us know and we can let you know whenever a suitable option is in stock.


Our location is easily accessible from all parts of the north west, punch M26 2ZS into the sat nav and head for the Eton Business Park. Of course, being a Lancashire resident, you probably know how to get to Bury!

Please call us on 01204 208107 or via our contact form.

Please feel free to contact one of our team ...

to discuss your requirements or request a quote, a friendly and professional approach awaits you.

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