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Motorhome Servicing

Motorhome Servicing

For motorhome servicing, our NCC approved motorhome service centre is the one-stop for all motorhome owners. Our motorhome servicing guarantees the highest quality care due to the high standards of our motorhome technicians. This means you can focus on the open road safe in the knowledge that your motorhome is always ready for the next adventure.

Skilled Motorhome Servicing

We employ highly trained technicians, skilled in all systems such as Dometic, Thetford, Alde and Truma systems plus electrical and gas specialists. Being a main dealer and approved for a number motorhome brands, we have certified technicians for RollerTeam, Auto-Trail, Autohaus and Adria motorhomes. Ultimately, our motorhome service centre has a huge pool of skills and experience to ensure that we can perform all work needed from our base in the north west of England. This ranges from simple gas tests to major body repairs. You can have complete peace of mind when your motorhome is serviced at TMC Leisure that the work will be of the highest standard, and the work required will be clearly communicated to you.

Motorhome Habitation Service Check

We recommend your motorhome undergoes a motorhome habitation service every year, along with a water ingress check and mechanical motorhome servicing. This ensures:· Your safety · The value of your motorhome. Warranty maintenance. Our motorhome habitation service and mechanical servicing are among the most detailed in the industry, and help ensure both your safety and value of your motorhome. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure best possible performance and retention of your vehicle’s value. It is also imperative to update your manufacturer systems to keep your warranty valid.

Mechanical Servicing

Mechanical servicing is carried out on the chassis and engine of your motorhome and depending on mileage undertaken should be carried out at least every two years – or at 30k mileage intervals if sooner. We also recommend that an oil and filter change is carried out in the years between full servicing and in line with vehicle manufacturers recommendations, due to the relatively low number of miles covered. As well as offering Habitation and Mechanical Servicing we can undertake MOTs in our own workshops. A mechanical vehicle health check is undertaken free of charge when an oil and filter change is carried out.

The TMC Leisure Motorhome Service Experience

All our motorhome servicing provides you with the vital itemised paperwork that proves the value of your motorhome for when you come to sell it and we are an NCC Approved workshop. We know getting your motorhome serviced tends to be more necessity than preference so we work to make it as painless as possible. A comfortable waiting area is provided at our Manchester based motorhome servicing centre, with free tea and coffee, daily newspapers and Wi-Fi. We can also provide to you a replacement loan car.