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Luxury Motorhomes For Sale


Welcome to Tottington Motor Company, the UK's leading provider of luxury motorhomes for sale. Our showroom in Greater Manchester has the widest selection available of new motorhomes.

We are a family company with a proud reputation gathered over 50 years of providing excellent choice and service to our customers.

Now we are proud to offer our customers top-of-the-range new and used motorhomes from Autotrail, Rollerteam and Autohaus.

You can browse our website here but why not come to the showroom for a proper look at the new motorhomes for sale? Remember we offer a 'try before you buy' option on many of our models.



Our range of luxury motorhomes

Autotrail, Rollerteam and Autohaus motorhomes are amongst the best available. They are designed with comfort in mind and with plenty of space to accommodate the whole family in style.


Autotrail motorhomes

We stock the full range of motorhomes from this popular brand. Our customers love Autotrail motorhomes because they are so easy to personalise. There are over 150 feature options allowing you to create an ideal motorhome for your family.

Autotrail motorhomes are customer favourites because of their high level of trim and finish, including outstanding washroom facilities in all models. Your comfort is assured due to the highest thermal insulation standards.

Despite the wealth of internal features, Autotrail motorhomes are also easy to drive and park with features like colour reversing cameras making you feel confident when manoeuvring.

Autotrail motorhomes are built on outstanding Fiat Multijet and Ford engines, and the range includes a nine-speed fully automatic 180bhp option.


Rollerteam motorhomes

Our range also includes Italian brand, Rollerteam that brings continental style and luxury to your travelling holidays. The interiors of these motorhomes are cleverly designed to conjure the spacious ambience of a boutique hotel. The company has pioneered ways to improve the circulation of air in their motorhomes. The Respira Breath project regulates temperature and prevents condensation. Among the many other distinctive features of Rollerteam motorhomes is their ExPS EVO TECHNOLOGY which gives protection from outside temperatures and noise.

Our stock encompasses the entire range from motorhomes for two to six-berth vehicles with room for all the family.



We have been working with Autohaus for many years and are proud to be the UK's leading dealership for this innovative brand of campervans.

Autohaus camper vans are built in Minehead in the UK and offer customers the opportunity to personalise their vans to create their ideal camper.

Autohaus are officially recognised builders for VW, Ford, Fiat and Citroen vehicles.

The company's campervans are rigorously checked by the VCA and it is one of a handful of UK manufacturers to have both NSSTA and WVTA accreditation. This means that their vehicles are put through the most rigorous testing during the building process so that you can be completely confident about the build quality and safety of your campervan.



Ongoing care for your luxury motorhome

We can offer servicing and regular MOT checks for your campervan.

Many of our customers also ask us to complete an annual habituation check to monitor the condition of the interior trim of their motorhomes and to ensure that the gas and water supply are functioning correctly.


Financing your motorhome purchase

A new luxury motorhome is a major investment and we understand that you may need a little help to make your dream of owning one come true.

We are not a lender but we act as a credit broker and have carefully selected credit providers so that our customers can choose how to finance their motorhome. You can choose to spread your payment over a time period that is suitable for you.



Finding Tottington Motor Company

Tottington Motor Company is in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. Our showroom is a 15-minute drive from Junction 18 on the M60 and 20 minutes from Piccadilly Railway Station in the centre of Manchester.


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