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Campervans For Sale Bolton


For the best Campervans for Sale in Bolton you have to travel a little – just a few miles – just down the road to Bury.


At TMC Motorhomes we have a reputation that is unmatched not just in and around Bolton, but nationally as shown by hundreds of verified five-star reviews. We are proud to have a 4.9 average rating out of 5 on the reviews.co.uk site.

We stock the latest new models, are the leading UK specialists in three major brands and also have high-quality used campervans for sale, many of these from our rental fleet and so near new with just a few thousand miles on the clock.

As motorhome enthusiasts ourselves with five decades of experience as a company serving the North West we are always happy to advise and simply chat motorhomes. 


Campervan Advice in Bolton


A campervan is a major purchase, few would just decide to buy one on a complete whim. You are likely to just want to come and browse and get a sense for what is available.

Whatever stage you are at, we are happy to help. You can look at new and used motorhomes in complete peace, or pick our brains as required. If you want further details on any campervan or to take it for a test drive, that is fine too.

Matching someone to a campervan they are not suited to is in nobody’s interest, we pride ourselves on getting it right for each and every customer, and this may mean admitting that we don’t have the vehicle you are looking for. For instance, our used campervans tend to be fairly new and so are not at the budget end. 

If you want a cheap campervan then we can certainly offer advice and keep an eye out for you, we can recommend some local dealers with good reputations. But, we might not have the vehicle you are looking for.

What we can do for everyone is ask a few questions and then suggest a vehicle or options that would be worth considering. How many will be going on trips, what type of holiday do you have?

We can turn what may seem an overwhelming choice into one where you have 5 or 6 wonderful options to choose between.


Our Stock of Campervans


The stock is always changing, especially for used motorhomes. However, used motorhomes will often be from our sister company’s rental fleet and so are near-new, thoroughly serviced and good for decades more use. They will have a huge range of luxuries and modern conveniences, just maybe not the luxury or enhancement that came out six months ago.

With new motorhomes, we specialise in three great makes and are UK specialist dealers for all three. These are AutoTrail, AutoHaus and Rollerteam. For these, we have the complete range, unmatched knowledge and also regular access to special offers.

Many customers buy one of these models new from us, and then trade in a couple of years later, the traded in vehicle becoming part of our stock of used campervans. Knowing these vehicles inside out, and probably the company that has carried out services, we can ensure it leaves our forecourt in a condition you might struggle to differentiate from brand new.


Campervans for All


Everyone is different – a fairly bland sentence that applies perfectly to motorhome owners!

While every campervan we sell is wonderful, they would not all be a wonderful choice for every customer. A cosy two-berth campervan would be a strange choice for a family of six complete with dog. In reverse, a six-berth motorhome might not be so bad for a couple, but it would have a lot of space that wasn’t required. Maybe it’s for future planning, but we would recommend a great two-berth for a couple looking to get out and about and explore.

Brochures and online reviews can tell you a lot about the campervans, but this won’t match coming to see us and stepping inside. It is one thing to imagine what might be suitable and quite another to experience it. You have probably looked round homes or flats, expecting this to be ‘the one’ only to be disappointed.

You may have looked round one you had limited hopes for – and found it was the home of your dreams.


Even across campervans of the same size, layouts will alter and what works for one customer won’t for another. That’s why having variety is great, and access to multiple makes. While one brand might employ similarities across all their vehicles, when you look at campervans from several there are sure to be varied approaches to design. 

Some will opt for a motorhome with added space they can then use if the family gets larger, but with campervans having low rates of depreciation it may be better to get one that is perfect for right now and then change a year or two down the line. After all, by then there will be Apple Play 7, or voice controlled mattress settings.

All the brands have options suitable to every type of holidaymaker, but some options are definitely worth an extra look. AutoTrail has some stunning two-berth options, cosy, compact but also with Tardis-esque logic-defying space for storage. RollerTeam meanwhile have six-berth campervans that have enough space for a large family, and yet feel easy to drive, almost as if the vehicle shrinks when you get behind the wheel. You can take our word for this, or try a test drive!


Luxury Campervans 


Luxury campervans are not a premium category we stock, luxury applies to all modern motorhomes. If we reminisce we think back to just a decade or two ago and how the most basic campervan now has features you may have only dreamed of then.

Nowadays, instead of tape deck, or even CD player you will see Bluetooth connectivity, memory foam, Apple Play, HD TV, HD reversing camera even and voice control. 

But, while specs change, our commitment to quality does not. We recommend the same motorhomes we would buy ourselves – and indeed do for our fleet of vehicles to hire. 

Part exchange is available and this is worked into a fair price - we consider motorhomes that are in great order, under 10 years old and are under 80,000 miles.

Please contact us for details of finance options and also any current offers or promotions.


Our reviews are unmatched

It is easy to speak of being the leading provider of camper vans for sale in Bolton, the North West and even UK, but what do reviews of TMC state in relation to motorhome sales?

They are universally positive, on the independent Reviews.co.uk site we average 4.9/5 from close to 200 reviews. Similar scores are seen across all review sites. On the review.co.uk site, 98% of those surveyed say they would recommend us without hesitation – this from verified customers.

Please check out our reviews and see for yourself what other customers from all over the UK say about our levels of service and the pleasure our stock brings.


Next Steps

Please browse the site to gain further information, see a range of common FAQs and get a feel for our current fleet of campervans for hire.

However, a website, ads and searches can only do so much, so we recommend contacting us for an obligation-free conversation or arranging to come to one of our open days.

Our location is easily accessible from all parts of the North West, punch M26 2ZS into the sat nav and head for the Eton Business Park.

Please call us on 01204 208107 or via our contact form.


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