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What is a habitation service for my motorhome?

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Whether you have a new or used motorhome or campervan, ensuring you have a yearly habitation service is vital for smooth operation, health, and safety. A habitation service can take place any time in the year. Read on for everything you need to know about this essential service.

Why do you need a habitation service?

Brand-new Motorhome owners keen to preserve their warranty and keep covered must make sure they book this annual check-up or risk invalidating it. Additionally, a habitation service will ensure a campervan or motorhome is in top condition and ready for the road. This provides mobile homeowners with peace of mind. Safe in the knowledge that their vehicle is safe to drive and prepared for its next journey.

Service Check List

Motorhome habitation services also retain a vehicle’s value. Those planning to sell their mobile home in the future will find potential buyers often request a complete service history. This includes annual habitation services. Breaks in history can dissuade purchasers and devalue vehicles.

What does a habitation service involve?

An annual habitation service tests the vehicle’s overall condition, focusing on the habitable parts of a motorhome. The service is designed to underline any issues related to performance and safety. If problems are found, they can be repaired and resolved to ensure a vehicle can be relied on when travelling.

Habitation services are offered on a scale. A basic-style service may not include all checks. For example, air conditioning or appliances aren’t constantly tested. However, even a basic service will involve around 50 different checks, typically completed over three to four hours.

During a habitation service, the critical tasks carried out include damp checks, gas and electrical safety tests, chassis mounting checks, and onboard appliance and water system inspections.

Gas Testing

Smaller-scale functionality tests are also conducted in a yearly habitation service. These include ensuring that all moving components such as locks and seals on doors and windows are working correctly as well as automatic blinds if present.

When should you schedule a habitation service?

Often motorhome owners opt for winter for this check-up, as service centres are quieter during the period and campervan users are less active. The easiest way to plan your service is to work back from the date you’re travelling and pick a convenient time for you.

Is an annual motorhome habitation service a legal requirement?

Motorhome habitation checks are not required by law unless your motorhome insurance provider requests this or you hire the vehicle out to others using a third-party company.

You don’t need to perform a habitation check prior to driving a vehicle, but it is advised, as is regular mechanical servicing. Your vehicle will need to have passed its annual MOT if it is over three years of age to ensure it is roadworthy. You will also need in date insurance and tax to drive it on UK roads.

Annual habitation services and mechanical servicing can save lives and ensure that you and your passengers enjoy your motorhome and holidays to the full.

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