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Standard Winter Safety Check Price Reduction

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We’ve reduced the price of our standard winter check to £24.99.

Every winter vehicle check includes:

A thorough inspection of your vehicle’s critical systems, including your tyres, lighting, wipers, brakes, exhaust, steering, suspension, fluid levels and battery charge.
A top up of your key fluids (as required), up to 500ml of engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant and even screen wash, all at no extra cost.
We also want to make sure you’re ready for everything winter throws at you. This year, we’re including a FREE Winter Safety Pack with ice scraper, demisting cloth, trigger spray de-icer and 500ml of high quality screen wash. It’s just the thing to keep in your boot, ready for that first winter storm (which no one ever seems adequately prepared for).

If you wish to take up this limited time offer or just discuss any other vehicle maintenance issues you may have, please do not hesitate to contact me on the number below, or via email at service@tottingtonmotorcompany.co.uk. I or one of our service team will be happy to schedule your appointment, or see to any other needs you may have.

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